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Planet Earth Blu-ray

I've been meaning to get my dad a copy of Planet Earth on blu-ray for a while now. Unfortunately, the set has just been too expensive to purchase. However, my folks can now admire the sights of the world on Christmas day. Thanks to a link on, I found Planet Earth for $32 on the site! One Christmas present down, many to go!

We're #1! We're #1!

While surfing the website, I found a link that read Stressful jobs that pay badly. Clicking the link, I was not surprised to see what was number one on the list.

Being number one on this list is not something we should be proud of as social workers. Furthermore, a person with a masters degree should not be making $12 an hour. I understand that social workers are not in it for the money, but it becomes unacceptable when people with education levels this high can barely afford to support themselves.

As social workers, we are constantly advocating for the needs of our clients. It's time we advocated more for ourselves in ensuring better wages and working conditions. What kind of social workers would we be if we couldn't help ourselves?