About (not so) Cheap Social Worker

Hello, and welcome to (not so) Cheap Social Worker! I am a medical social worker living in the expensive Bay Area simply trying to make the most out of life. On this blog, you'll find my ramblings on a variety of topics including social work, money, product reviews, and life in general! As a travel addict, you'll also find recaps of the various trips I take throughout the year!

While I do blog about a variety of things, the general theme of this blog revolves around my attempts to maximize my social worker salary. As you will soon find out, I have a number of expensive hobbies such as shopping, traveling, and food. Through saving, money management, sacrifice, side income, and deal hunting my hope is to have fun, yet leave enough to fund future enjoyment!

Social worker or not, I hope you benefit from my journey. I'm certainly not cheap, but will try my best! Thank you for visiting my blog, and please don't hesitate to comment or connect with me via Facebook and Twitter. Hope you come back again soon!

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