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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disneyland tickets!!!

Perhaps it's the kid in me, but I've been a fan of Disney theme parks all my life. Lately, I've been itching to visit Disneyland, but the extremely high ticket prices are a deterrent. Coupled with hotel room, transportation, and food costs, a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is just not feasible at the moment.

However, according to MouseSavers.com there may be hope, granted I can make some military friends. From 10/24/10 to 9/28/11, active and retired members of the US military will be able to buy 3-Day Park Hopper Passes for $99 each. More information can be found here.

Time to make some new friends!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sephora Friends and Family

Sephora is one of my favorite stores. Despite the fact that my cheap boyfriend prefers a natural look on me, I visit Sephora regularly to shop, play with make up, and pick up free samples to test on my sensitive face before buying.

Word on Slickdeals is that Sephora is having its Friends and Family sale from 10/21-11/3. Now would be a great time to stock up on make up, face and body products, and Christmas presents as everything will be 20% off with the code FF2010. If you want to save more money, shop through Ebates.com for 4% cash back! Buy now while the sale is happening, because when the sale is over and your eye cream runs out you'll be paying full price!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Case Management Week!

At work, I am part of the Case Management Department. This department consists of nurse case managers, social workers, and assistants who work in tandem on a patient's discharge. While case managers handle the medical aspects of a discharge, the social worker's primary role is to address social issues such as coping, substance abuse, family dynamics, community support, safety, abuse, and end of life decision making.

This week is National Case Management Week, and I am pretty happy that my job is including the social workers in the festivities. This week, I received a free pin, free lunch, and free gift certificates. Very sweet. Next up: National Social Work Month in March!

Don't forget to thank your case manager, social worker, and discharge planner for ensuring that each hospital patient gets discharged in a safe and timely manner!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

$16 finds at Old Navy

Old Navy is my default store for most clothing needs. While their quality isn't as good as more expensive stores such as Banana Republic, most of Old Navy's clothes are of decent quality and reasonably priced. When combined with sales and coupons, one can save even more money.

For instance, Old Navy is currently having its 16th birthday sale where many items are only $16. In the market for a new pair of jeans and a sweater for work, I went and bought the following:

-One pair of jeans: $16

-One sweater: $16

-One sweater for cheap boyfriend: $16

-One pair of pumpkin socks: $3

After combining this sale with a $10 off $50 coupon from Old Navy Weekly, my final total (including tax) was $45. Not too horrible for clothes I know I'll be using for a while (yes, I'm planning to wear the pumpkin socks year round).

For those who like to get up early on a weekend morning, select Old Navy sweaters will be $10 this Saturday, October 16 from 7am-10am. I'm not sure which sweaters will be on sale, but it might be worth a look if you need warm clothing for winter. Christmas is coming up fast, so it also might be a good time to stock up on presents! As for me, my weekends are for catching up on sleep, so I'll probably pass on this particular sale. With the holidays coming up, I'm sure there will be many sales to come!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A new beginning

Wow, it's been almost a year since my last post! I suppose time flies when you're busy. Let me summarize the events of the past year:

-I completed my MSW program last May. While I am relieved to be done, there are times when I miss the student lifestyle. I suppose contributing to this feeling is the fact that...
-I moved home. Considering I didn't have a job lined up upon graduating, I took advantage of my parents' generosity and moved back home. While this is meant to be a temporary arrangement, my parents do not want me moving out until I secure a full time job. Moving home has certain been an adjustment, as I enjoyed living on my own. However, the biggest benefit is that I'm saving tons of money by not paying rent (my parents refuse to accept rent money, telling me to save it instead).
-I landed a per diem job at a hospital. After three months of obsessively searching and applying for jobs, I was finally hired by a staffing agency. I currently work at an acute hospital as a medical social worker. While planning discharges and addressing multiple patient issues can be exhausting, I find that my days go by rather quickly. Overall, I am content with the work I do and happy that my salary is higher than my initial expectations (which were really low). Currently, I am working full time hours as one of my co-workers is on leave for a few weeks.
-I am still applying for jobs. Ideally, I would like to land a full time job with benefits so I can move out of my parents' house already. However, I am not in too much of a hurry to sign away the next 30 years of my life just yet. There are a few things I'd still like to do, such as travel and dedicate time to hobbies I've been neglecting because of school. When I feel ready (and the right job comes along), I'll move out. Ideally, I'll have saved up a decent amount of rent money from not having paid rent while at home.

Anyway, that's my life update. Now that I'm not busy with school, I'll see what I can do about updating this blog more often!