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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Black Bag!

Little Black Bag
Hello, and sorry for the lack of posts these past few months.  Hopefully this one will partially make up for it!  For a quick life update, please check out Cheap Social Worker Adventures.

Little Black Bag (or "LBB" for short) is a discount shopping website that a friend introduced to me.  The site is basically modeled after Japanese "Lucky Bags", where people buy mystery grab bags and trade items with their friends.  How LBB works is as follows:

1) You pick a starting item from LBB's extensive gallery of bags, jewelry, accessories, and make-up.  Brands include Betsey Johnson, BCBG, Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, and more.

2) LBB then populates your "bag" (which is basically your shopping cart) with two mystery products which are revealed after you check out.  You bag will total over $100 to start. 

3) After you check out, you have seven days to trade the items in your bag with other LBB users.  You can trade up, down, and/or laterally for items that you want.

In my last LBB I managed to trade my items for two handbags, a pair of sunglasses, and a necklace, valued at over $250.  Not bad for $59.99 plus shipping ($49.99 if you sign up for their subscription plan).  LBB has an excellent return policy that either refunds your money or provides exchange credit for a future purchase.  When I received a broken necklace a few months back, they credited my account without me having to ship it back!

As someone who tries to get more out of less, I would highly recommend Little Black Bag.  Not only have I gotten quality items for myself, I've also found some great presents for friends and family. These next few months, I will definitely use the site for my Christmas shopping!

I believe LBB is currently offering a promotion of 10% off your first bag with code FACEBOOK10.  Also, today only LBB will add an extra item to your bag valued at around $50 with code DAILYBUZZ.

Here's an invite link for anyone interested:  Little Black Bag.  I may be opening a bag myself today!

A Return to Blogging

Wow, almost four months have passed since my last post!  Seems like so much time has passed that even Blogger has changed its interface...  I've definitely been doing a bad job at blogging.  Between work, sitting in traffic several hours a day, trying to exercise, and trying to relax after a long day, I really don't have time for much.

I've been thinking about the format of my blogs and what to do with them.  Since I don't blog frequently enough, one option is to recombine them into a single blog again.  I suppose I could also keep them separate and find a way to connect them into a bigger site at some point.  My blogs will always be works in progress, so expect changes in the future!

Quick life update: Still working the same jobs, living at home, and not having much luck with the Bay Area housing market.  Seriously, who wants to pay $1000/month to live in a room in a house?  Doesn't help than my parents expect me to live at home until I either get married or buy a house. Given my home situation, I wonder if I would have a better life if I did go to medical/law/engineering school.  Then I realize that my doctor friends have debt in the six figure range (and make less than expected after malpractice insurance/taxes/overhead), my lawyer friends are mostly unemployed and in six figure debt , and my engineering friends only make slightly more than I do.  I suppose it's sad times for everyone right now.

The positive thing about all of this is having extra money to do a little traveling.  It's quite addicting and a motivating factor in finding a career that lets me travel all over the place.  I'll talk about my trips at some point.

Well, that's all for now.  I'll also be updating Cheap Social Worker, so please feel free to check that out too!