Demand For Social Workers Expected To Grow

As I was watching the news recently, I saw this segment on the social work profession.  Nice to see the profession get some non-negative publicity, but I felt the need to repost this video to address some inaccuracies and lack of clarity.

Demand For Social Workers Expected To Grow « CBS Chicago

My thoughts:

1) Where I live, most entry level social worker jobs require a masters degree, though a BSW is sometimes acceptable. Typically, psychology and sociology degrees are NOT acceptable, though I've seen them in case worker and counselor positions. This profession really needs to work on getting some title protection in place, because it's degrading to have non-social workers doing work meant for and done best by people with social work degrees.

2) Anyone with a BSW and MSW can diagnose patients and provide interventions, therefore performing the function of what this report calls "clinical social worker". I mean, I was diagnosing patients as an MSW intern and my BSW friends were doing the same (with LCSW co-signature of course). I think whoever wrote this report meant to describe licensed social workers, who are able to diagnose, intervene, and practice independently. Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) are the ones that require 2+ years of experience (3,200 hours in California) and passage of licensing exams.

Anyway, it's nice to see a relatively positive job outlook for our profession. Hopefully the demand for social workers will mean an increase in our wages (as long as non-social workers don't hijack our jobs and as a result keep our wages low).  It's refreshing to know that job stability is something I don't necessarily have to worry about for the next decade!


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